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Meet the Founders and Creative Directors of Knots & Blooms Events, Katia & Maria. The individual personalities of this duo are complete opposites, with Katia being a detail-oriented perfectionist and Maria the easy-going problem-solver, but together in their business they are perfectly in sync and ready to design, create, and execute the event, floral arrangement, or balloon installation of your dreams.

About Us Section


Creative Director / Certified Floral Designer

Creative Director and Certified Floral Designer with a natural ability to think outside-the-box. She is always ready to provide clients with trendy and unique ideas that are catered to each individual persons style and vision. Her passion for design and strong attention to detail is what allows the K&B team to push creative boundaries in each project.


Administrative Director

Administrative Director with a creative-eye and and innate sense of style. She is an expert in logistics and the queen of bouncing back from any unexpected challenge or setback that may arise. Her calm nature and positive attitude keep the K&B Team afloat in stressful situations.

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